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類別 | 包包展間

屋況 | 誠品百貨
格局 | 展間

坪數 | 30坪
​攝影 | Terry.C



The new trendy brand RECA has launched bag collections mainly focused on retro design elements, and showcase the currently trendy retro look popular among the young generation. The new brand store seeks to use yellow and black as the main theme color. Therefore, we combined three elements: retro, trendy and yellow and black, and were inspired by the plastic toolbox, which is commonly seen all over Taiwan, as the main feature of design.

The vintage and everyday objects are stacked and arranged to give the visuals a vivid and trendy look, creating an ambience equally vintage and industrial. The yellow and black colors are repeated throughout the whole space to ensure consistency. For the display of the merchandise, we used ready-made slotted-angle shelving to save the overall budget and refit lead time, while also complementing the overall trendy and retro elements of the design.

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