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純白的店面也讓我們在雜亂的台北市中間顯得與眾不同,室內的吧檯、燈箱、地板、燈具,無一不是簡約、純白、潔淨而融入空間,這場設計我們凸顯的設計是 – UNIPAPA

UNIPAPA is a simple and fashionable lifestyle product brand, insisting on the design of simple and comfortable appearance, practical and thoughtful functions. We created a pure white and simple showroom in the center of Taipei, where there are many colorful signs, to continue this emotion.

"As long as understanding the real needs, the essence of the design will not deviate" is exactly what we hope. In this design, the pure white storefront extends the interior space from the inside to the outside. We hope that the customers who enter the store can focus on the products and user experience.

The pure white storefront looks different in the cluttered Taipei. The interior bars, light boxes, floors, and lamps are all simple, pure white and clean to make space consistent. This design we highlight in this design is - UNIPAPA.

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