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The Midnight Club

類別 | 午夜酒吧

屋況 | 老屋翻新
格局 | 1~2F 吧檯座位

坪數 | 40坪
​攝影 | Dayform Studio 日形影像


而裝置的亮點設計我們卻全然脫開老舊,我們利用金屬網波光粼粼的特性,在吧台上撒出一片如星空般的量體,並點上星燈、掛上一輪明月,呼應店名本身的「The Midnight Club」,讓空間中保有特別的午夜星空吸引年輕人。我們讓空間設計的容器本身與環境融為一體,但最重要的視覺焦點卻是相反華麗的,讓客人在這邊可以感受到老屋的醇厚,卻又可以體驗到流行設計的刺激。


The nearly four-decade-old residence, with its weathered and aged walls, exhibiting erosion-exposed beams, presents an opportunity for the owner to transform it into a vibrant, youthful nightclub. In our design approach, we refrain from a brash strategy of merely covering up the old house with new renovations. Instead, we aspire for the old house itself to coexist with the new storefront. Therefore, in the architectural structure, we made a deliberate choice to preserve the original weathered appearance without intentionally covering it up, retaining features such as erosion, damage, cracks, and exposed beams – the inherent characteristics of the old house. For the new surfaces, we intentionally selected materials like black iron, wood-grain cement boards, and concrete floors that rust, wear slightly, and develop a distressed look over time. Through the passage of time and the use by patrons, we hope the renovations will gradually blend harmoniously with the building itself.

As for the highlight of the installations, we deliberately deviated from the aged aesthetics. Leveraging the shimmering quality of metallic mesh, we created a bar area resembling a starry night sky, adorned with starlights and a hanging crescent moon – in harmony with the establishment's name, "The Midnight Club," creating a special midnight starry atmosphere to attract the younger crowd. However, the most crucial visual focus is intentionally contrary to opulence, allowing patrons to feel the richness of the old house while experiencing the excitement of contemporary design.


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