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類別 | 鐵板燒店

屋況 | 老屋翻新
格局 | 十二人座及包廂

坪數 | 30坪
​攝影 | Dayform Studio 日形影像






As a teppanyaki restaurant, the reduced brightness of the overall space and the black background make it easy for diners to focus on the cooking skills of the white-robed chef.

The slightly sloping wood-grained ceiling is like the eaves of a courtyard, making guests feel as if they were invited by friends to enter a private courtyard at night. They can release the stress of working all day and come here to eat. The wood-grained walls integrate functions such as the entrance, dining table, and box doors, making the overall space look comfortable and allowing diners to focus more on the food and the overall experience.

Every night, a bright moon is lit in front of the teppanyaki table. From entering the store, it can be seen in any corner, guiding people who enter the door to their seats tonight.

People who enter the restaurant during the day or at night can immerse themselves in this space, just like family members admiring friends' cooking skills. Relax, slow down, and eat delicious food under the moonlight.

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